BLS CPR + First Aid

$79.95 60 minutes

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We offer the Best Deal on a CPR Certification + First Aid in Fort Lauderdale. Our students who choose the combined class training get in their hand an American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider Card and Our CPR Certification Fort Lauderdale First Aid Card. Our Combo Class combines the Best Fort Lauderdale CPR Classes paired with the Our Cost Effective First Aid training so you are covered.

Some things covered in the CPR Certification Fort Lauderdale First Aid Training Videos are

  • Detecting a Stroke
  • Treating and detecting severe chocking
  • Detecting a Heart Attack and steps to take
  • Managing an Environmental Emergency
  • Dealing with Bleeding and Controlling it
  • Bone Breaks and Sprains
  • Using an Epipen
  • Allergic Reaction Treatment
  • Bites and Sting treatment
  • Poison
  • Minor Burns

Reasons to Choose Our BLS CPR + Fist Aid Combo Class

  • Official AHA BLS For Healthcare Providers CPR E Card issued and assigned when you leave!!
  • CPR Certification Fort Lauderdale First Aid Card in your hand when class is over!!
  • AHA Certified Instructors
  • Friendly and Relaxed classes